Who Gets Inexpensive Auto Insurance?

Inexpensive auto insurance depends on your personal factors and not just where you live or which company you use. While some cities are more expensive to live in, and some companies are more expensive to insure with, your choices and your lifestyle can significantly reduce your premiums regardless of these factors. There are a few types of people who tend to get lower auto insurance quotes than others.

People Over 25

When you are under 25 years of age, expensive car insurance is a fact of life. Drivers under 25 tend to be the most costly to insure due to inexperience on the road and high risk behavior. The more a person drives, the more that person can safely determine and avoid roadway dangers. Inexperienced drivers often fail to avoid these same dangers. Further, young drivers have been statistically proven to drive faster than older drivers. They also often drive in a distracted state, which may mean talking on the phone or listening to loud music.

People with Young Children

Statistics show people with infants or young children in the car are safe drivers. These drivers often feel they should protect their "precious cargo" by traveling in the slowest lane, signaling appropriately and wearing safety restraints. Families also tend to avoid the road in the most dangerous hours of late night to early morning. All of these factors play into the expense of a wreck. Since the wrecks these families are involved in tend to be less expensive, their car insurance will also be less expensive. If you commonly drive children in your car, see if you are eligible for a reduction in premium through your insurance company even if you do not have kids yourself.

People in Low-Risk Professions

Some professions attract high-risk persons, and some attract low-risk persons. Teachers, nuns and members of the clergy often have a better driving record than business people or artists. While this is a general statistic and not a fact that applies to each individual, the insurance industry relies on general trends to set prices. You may feel discriminated against with your car insurance premiums if you are unemployed or work in the restaurant industry, for example, but the standard of grouping people into categories is time-tested in the insurance world.

People with Good Driving Records

No matter which demographic category you fall into, if you have a good driving record, your premiums will be lower in the long run. Avoiding tickets and accidents is essential in keeping your premiums low. Arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol can be hugely damaging to your insurance costs. If you do get a ticket, consider opting for a driver's education program instead of paying the cost of the ticket. While you may have to give up a few hours of your life, you will ultimately make up for that with the lower premiums when you avoid points against your driver's license.