Annual Fund Operating Expenses

As a mutual fund investor, you will want to be aware of annual fund operating expenses. The operating expenses for a fund can affect the returns that you bring in from investments. Here are the basics of annual fund operating expenses and why they are important to investors.

Operating Expenses

Operating expenses for a mutual fund are charged to all of the investors in a fund. This is also sometimes referred to as the expense ratio. Operating expenses will cover all of the costs of maintaining the mutual fund. They will pay for the salaries of the fund managers and be administrative staff. Operating expenses will also account for overhead such as leasing office space, paying for utilities, and anything else that is required to run the mutual fund.

Investment Impact

As an investor, you need to know exactly how much the expense ratio is going to be for your fund. This amount of money will come directly out of the returns that you gain from the mutual fund. Many investors fail to realize how big of an impact this could have on your investing. When you are shopping around for a fund, you want to be aware of the performance, but you also want to pay special attention to how much they charge in operating expenses.