FOREX Trading in Action: How Is the Game Played?

Forex trading is one of the most fast-paced types of trading activities that you could get involved in. Here are a few examples of how the game is played in the Forex market.

Winning Trade

Let's assume that you are going to start trading in the Forex market. You get on your online trading platform that has been provided by your Forex broker. You will open a currency chart and start to analyze the market. You can see that the price of the currency pair is trending upwards, so you place a buy order for one lot. The price of the currency pair increases by 10 pips. Since you are trading with a standard trading account, you have just made $100.

Losing Trade

You will also have a fair share of losing trades in this market as well. You get on your online trading platform again. This time, you see that a trend is starting to form with a currency pair. You place a buy order again. For a few moments, the trend continues to go up. Then all of a sudden, the trend reverses and you have lost 20 pips. When this happens, you have just lost $200 rather quickly.