Form ADV

Form ADV is a form that must be filled out by any investment adviser that is doing business in the United States. This form is utilized on both the state and national level. If an adviser handles more than $25 million in assets, the form must be filed electronically with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If the investment adviser handles less than that, she can simply file with her local state government. 

If you are an investor, Form ADV is an extremely important form for you to look at. Before you give your money to anyone, you need to ask to see a copy of this form. This form will provide you with important information about your investment advisor. It will give you information about her educational history and whether she has any type of criminal record or other disciplinary measures taken against her. This form will also give you ideas as to what the adviser's investment strategy is.

The point of this form is to have some sort of registration on every investment adviser that is out in the market. This way, the SEC and state governments can try to crack down on investment advisers that get involved with scams.