Gold Parties: Cashing in on Old Gold

Gold parties have become a popular means of selling old gold that is no longer being used. These parties are popular everywhere and are being sponsored by companies that buy gold from the public. A gold party is a type of home party in which a host invites several friends over and ask them to bring any old gold jewelry that they might have laying around. The guests will come over to the house and a representative from a gold party company will come also. 

Relaxed Atmosphere

One of the defining characteristics of a gold party is that it is designed to be a relaxed atmosphere. The representative from the company is going to do their best to make everyone feel at home. They will bring snacks and drinks to the party. The guests will be encouraged to enjoy themselves and have a few drinks. The party atmosphere encourages everyone to chat and feel comfortable.

Gold Evaluation

The representative from the gold company is highly trained and will evaluate the gold. They will determine the value of the jewelry that was brought by each guest and correctly determine its value. They will determine the karat of the gold.

Once the representative has determined the value of the gold, they will offer to buy the gold. The guests will be able to accept the offer and will b paid immediately. The representative from the company will carry a great deal of cash on hand in order to pay the guests for their gold. If you decide to sell your gold, you are going to walk out of the party with a nice cash payment. 

Host Commission

If you are the host of one of these parties, you will be given a payment, even if you do not sell any gold yourself. Most companies will provide at least a 10 percent payment to the host. This means that if the company buys $10,000 worth of gold at the party, they are going to provide another $1000 to the host. If you were thinking about being a host, this could be a nice incentive to get you to agree to having a party.


Using a gold party to sell gold is one of the more convenient ways to get rid of old gold that is available. Instead of trying to locate a gold company or shipping your jewelry off, you can simply attend a party and sell it.

Attending a gold party can be a good way to earn some quick cash by selling gold that you no longer want. However, you should know that you will not receive top dollar for your gold. They still have to sell the gold at a higher price in order to make a profit. Therefore, you may not be able to make as much is you could through other avenues, but the convenience and ease of sale makes this method very popular.