How Do Institutions Approach Commodity Investment?

The commodity investment market is a very large financial market with many different players. While many individuals choose to invest in this market, institutional investors also make up a fair share of the market. Here are the basics of how institutional investors approach commodity investment and how this affects you as a trader.

Massive Resources

The first thing that you should know about institutional investors is that they have massive resources to deal with. Most institutional investors are multinational banks and have a wealth of money to invest. Therefore, they benefit from economies of scale in the market and trade differently than individual investors do. Because of these massive resources, sometimes they can actually influence the market. If several institutional investors take the same approach to a trade, it can significantly move the market price of a commodity. As an individual investor, you will not be able to beat institutional investors. Therefore, it is usually best to try to move with them if at all possible.

Active Management

Institutional investors also use very advanced management techniques. These entities will hire some of the best and brightest money managers in the industry. These professional traders usually have a long history in the financial markets and know exactly that they are doing. They will usually have experience in stock trading, Forex and futures and be very well-versed in the commodity market as well. Most institutions employ an entire team of people like this that do nothing besides analyze the market and come up with trading strategies. Therefore, you should know that if you try to trade against an institution, you are really going up against a team full of professional traders with very large resources.


One of the major advantages of having massive resources to work with is having technology on their side. There have been some amazing advancements in technology over the years that allow computers to help out with trading tasks. While institutional lenders may not completely turn over a trading account to a computer, they might rely on it to analyze the market and help them recognize profitable trading opportunities. As technology continues to advance, professional traders use more and more strategies. Institutional investors will always be on the cutting edge of any technological advancements in this field because of their ability to spend money and their willingness to do it.

How This Relates to You

As an individual, you will not be able to trade the same way that institutional investors do. However, that does not mean that you cannot make money in the commodities market. You need to learn a successful trading strategy and stick with it consistently. There will be losses involved in your trading, and this is to be expected. Sometimes, it may seem as if institutional investors are trying to turn the market against you. However, if you keep persevering, there is no reason that you cannot succeed individually.