How to Educate Yourself Like a Commodity Trader

If you are looking to become a commodity trader, you need to be prepared to trade like a pro. This article is your resource for getting a head start. There is a myriad of books to choose from, and you will also need daily resources. Here is where to search.

You will need up-to-date market commentary. You can find that at

If you need independent research newsletters, you can find those at If you are really serious, you can invest in the annual commodities almanac, which is available at You can also find the previous year’s commodities almanac at your local library. This is probably the best start for educating yourself. This almanac analyzes each and every tradable commodity, analyzing supply and demand as well as historical and factually relevant information.

You will also want to get a trading calendar. Different brokers can supply you with a trading calendar for free. What’s more, if you enjoy technical indicators, you can get lost in the many choices. To trade like a pro, it's best to study the daily price pivot points. These are best used for basic analysis. You can find these at All other indicators should be supplied by a broker.