How to Place FOREX Trading Stop Orders

In the world of Forex trading, one of the best tools that a trader has is the ability to place a stop loss order. This allows you to limit the amount of loss in your account from any one trade. Here are the basics of how to place a stop order when trading the Forex market.

Placing Stop Orders

With Forex trading, there are two ways that you can place a stop order. The first method that you can use is to input the stop loss value before you put your trade into the market. Whenever you place a new order, you will have the opportunity to input a value for a stop loss, before your trade is placed. Then, whenever you put your trade in the market, it will have a stop loss value attached to it.

The other method that you can use is to get into the market quickly with a buy or sell order and then modify the order to include a stop loss. This technique is often used by traders so that they can get into the market quickly and then worry about adding a stop loss later. You should be able to click on the trade and alter it with a stop loss value.