Pros & Cons of Using a FOREX Demo Account

Using a Forex demo account is a common technique that is used when people are learning about the market. There are both good and bad aspects of any type of investment, here are some of the pros and cons of using this type of account.


One of the big advantages of this type of account is that it is free. You will not have to pay a broker anything to access this account or make a deposit.

Another benefit of using a demo account is that you can test out any trading strategy, without putting your at risk. You will have real-time access to the market and that will give you a good indication of whether a trading system actually works. With this type of account, you are also going to be able to learn the basics of how to use a trading platform properly.


One of the problems with this type of account is that you will have no understanding of real risk. Since you are dealing with "play money" you will most likely take risks that you would not ordinarily take. Also, this strategy does not encourage the use of sound money management principles. You will get in the habit of taking bad trades and risking more than you should, if you continue to repeat the same risky patterns.