What are FOREX Options?

Forex options are a type of security that you can trade as part of the foreign currency market. Here are the basics of Forex options and how they work.

Forex Options

Forex options are a type of investment that you can purchase that will give you the right to purchase a certain amount of a currency by a certain date. With an option, you have the right but not necessarily the obligation to purchase the currency. You are going to have to put down a certain amount of money in order to purchase this option. Then, you can decide later if you want to actually exercise it if the market moves in your favor.


For example, let's say that you wanted to buy an option on the EUR/CHF pair. The option had an exercise date of six months from now. You would be able to put a certain amount of money down on this option and then wait. You can then watch the Forex market and see if the EUR/CHF pair goes up in value. If it goes up in value, you will be able to exercise the option and purchase the pair at the price that the option was set up at.