What Do International Mutual Funds Have to Offer?

International mutual funds are a type of investment that allows you to get involved in other financial markets and get away from the traditional financial markets. Here are the basics of international mutual funds and what they have to offer investors.

International mutual funds are mutual funds that invest in foreign financial markets. This type of investment vehicle utilizes a fund manager, and the manager makes the individual investment decisions on behalf of the investors. International mutual funds could choose to invest in a particular country, or they could spread out over several different countries. International mutual funds come in many varieties, from bond funds to growth stock funds.


One of the primary advantages of investing in an international mutual fund is that it can provide diversification. Investors who put all their money into a single financial market are subject to large amounts of systemic risk. For example, if you put all of your money into the U.S. stock market and the stock market crashes, you will lose most of your money. However, if you put some of your money into the U.S. stock market and put another portion into international mutual funds, all of your money will not be lost during the market crash. International mutual funds provide an easy way for investors to diversify away from their domestic markets.

Emerging Markets

Another potential advantage of investing in international mutual funds is that investors can take advantage of emerging financial markets. There are many sections of the globe that have not been formally developed as the United States has. As time passes, more of these areas are starting to become more developed. During these periods of development, many businesses stand to bring in substantial amounts of profit. These areas will need infrastructure, and investors who put money into these areas can bring in fantastic returns. There are many international mutual funds that focus on investing in emerging markets in order to take advantage of these returns.


Many times, individual investors want to get involved in a particular international market. However, because of the complexities involved in opening a foreign brokerage account and working in an international market, they may be discouraged from doing so. With international mutual funds, investors have an easy way to get involved in foreign markets without all of the hassles. In most cases, you can purchase shares of an international mutual fund with your regular brokerage account. You may not even have to worry about converting your money into a foreign currency in order to purchase shares. This makes it convenient for investors who do not have much experience in the foreign financial markets. This also makes it much easier for investors who do not really know which investments to put their money into. With this type of fund, a fund manager will do all of the research for you and choose the investments from the other countries.