What Is a Buy-Side Analyst?

A buy-side analyst is a type of investment analysts that works for a mutual fund, pension fund, or some other type of investment company. The buy-side analyst looks at many different types of investments in order to attempt to find profitable investments for the fund. They will work directly under the fund managers and will provide them with information that can help them make investment decisions.

If you are an investor in a mutual fund, you will not have access to a buy-side analyst. They are simply a tool that the mutual fund company can use in order to make better investments for the fund.

The sell-side analyst provides a different function for the investment markets. This type of analyst typically works for a broker and makes recommendations as to what types of investments investors should put their money into. The role of this individual is to try to stir the pot and get investors to part with their money. 

By contrast, the buy-side analyst has nothing to do with recommending investments to the general public. They do not care if the public makes purchases because they are interested in finding the profitable investing opportunities for their employer instead.