What Is the Point Behind Commodity Options Trading?

Commodity options trading has become a very popular form of investment over the years. However, many people outside the market do not understand the purpose behind it. Here are the basics of why someone would want to trade commodity options.

Commodity Options Trading

When you get involved in commodity options trading, you will essentially be buying options on commodity contracts. This gives you the right to purchase a commodities contract, but not necessarily the obligation to do so. Therefore, this is done as a way to lower risk on commodity investing.

For example, you could purchase an option on an oil contract. The contract as an exercise date which would be the latest possible date that you could actually put the contract into effect. You can then sit back and watch the market and decide whether or not you actually want to exercise your option. If the price of oil goes up high enough, you can go ahead in exercise the option and take advantage of the higher oil prices. If the price of oil remained stagnant, you could decide to not do anything with the option. At this point, you are only out the amount of money that you invested in the option which will be much less than purchasing a full oil contract.