Short Term Cash Advances to Meet Your Immediate Needs

Getting a short term cash advance can be a fast way to get money to meet your immediate needs. Sometimes payday just does not seem to come fast enough and is when cash advances are most often used.

How They Work

With a cash advance, you will need to find a reputable cash advance merchant. You will write them a check with post-dated check. They will give you the money you need, less the fees that they charge. You are free to take the cash and do what you need to do with it. Then when the specified date comes, the cash advance company will cash the check and collect their money.


Cash advance companies usually charge some type of fee along with a high interest rate. You should be aware of exactly how much it will cost you before you make the decision to use one. While they can come in handy, they do not come cheaply. These companies should only be utilized if you are in desperate need of some immediate funds because the fees are very high.