What Is the QZAB Program? (Qualified Zone Academy Bonds)

The QZAB program, or Qualified Zone Academy Bonds program, is a government program that works in conjunction with school systems in order to facilitate the process of renovations and improvements to their facilities. By issuing these bonds, schools can take advantage of the program and save substantial amounts of money on the cost of their renovations.

How it Works

The basic idea behind this program is that schools can issue bonds to private investors to raise money for renovation projects. Once the bonds are issued, the government will essentially pay the interest that is due to the investors, instead of requiring the school to pay it back to the investors. This basically means that the school system can borrow the money they need for the renovations, with no interest. This can open up a world of opportunities for school systems that are in desperate need of repair. 

Tax Credit

With this program, the government does not actually provide cash to the school system for the repayment of the bonds. Instead, they provide the investors in the bonds with a tax credit. A tax credit reduces tax liability on a dollar for dollar basis. This means that if you invest in Qualified Zone Academy Bonds, instead of receiving interest payments, you will receive tax credits in the amount that you are owed. For investors, this creates a way for them to buy a tax credit with the available cash that they have. For school systems, it is a huge bonus because they do not have to repay all of the money that they borrow from the general public. 


Under the rules of the Qualified Zone Academy Bonds program, a school has to use the funds for specific purposes. They cannot use these funds to facilitate new construction of facilities. Instead, they have to use the money to improve their existing facilities. This means that they could put some of the money into renovating an existing building or updating it with necessary technology. They can also use part of the money to invest in equipment for the school and the students. They can use the money to create a more challenging criteria for the children or they could use it to invest in training for the teachers of the school system. This program is all about improving the existing school as it is instead of simply making it bigger.

Saving Money

When a school chooses to participate in this program, it is essentially like getting a grant from the government for 50 percent of the cost of the renovations. They can determine how much the projects will cost and then issue bonds in the appropriate amount of money. The government will issue enough tax credits that it will save the school system half of what they would normally be required to pay if they got involved with these renovations without the help of the QZAB program.