FHA Septic System Maintenance Standards

FHA loans come with maintenance requirements for any property, and properties with septic systems will have a checklist to assure this element is functioning. Essentially, the FHA wants to make sure borrowers are securing a property that is priced appropriately and in good working order. Rural properties that use septic systems are more difficult to appraise, so the FHA will inspect these systems thoroughly in the process. Considerations include:

  • Location of the septic pump: The septic pump must be at least 50 feet from any public or private water source to prevent leaks into drinking water.
  • Maintenance of system: Inspectors will question the dates when the system was last pumped out and cleaned. They will also look to see the system is in good working order and request any necessary changes. These changes must be made before the property is sold to the new borrower.
  • Soil conditions: The inspectors will sample soil in the area to determine if there are any risks of future septic failures due to environmental or situational factors. Ultimately, if there is a large risk of failure, the FHA may refuse to guaranty a loan on the property because its value is not determinable under these circumstances.