Residential Mortgage Application: Your Rental History

When you are filling out a residential mortgage application for the first time, the lender is going to want to know some information about your rental history. Here are a few things to consider about the importance of your rental history in this situation.

Rental History

You are most likely going to have to provide the lender with contact information for your most recent landlord. If you have been renting a property, they are going to want to contact your landlord in order to get information about you. They are going to want to see if you caused any trouble for your landlord financially and whether you were a good tenant. The lender is going to ask your landlord about your payment history and determine if you always paid the rent on time.


When you are applying for a mortgage, your lender is going to want to see some consistency. If you routinely move from one rental property to the next, this is not going to reflect on you positively. While it is normal to move around a bit, if a pattern of frequent moves has formed, the lender may not want to work with you.