What is an ADV Form?

An ADV form is a document that must be submitted by investment advisers that are in charge of other people's money. This is a document that is required by the SEC. If an investment manager handles more than $25 million, they must register with the SEC. If they handle less than $25 million, they have to register with their own state securities regulator. 

Part I

The ADV form is comprised of two different parts. The first part of the form includes information about the investment advisor such as their education history, disciplinary actions, and business history. This provides information about the individual over the last 10 years. 

Part II

The second part of the ADV form details information about the investment company. This will list all of the different services that are provided by the investment advisor and it will provide information about the fees and costs associated with their services. 

If you are thinking about signing up with an investment advisor, you need to ask to see a copy of their ADV form. The ADV form can provide you with a lot of great information about your broker. You need to know their past history as well as what they have to offer.