3 FAQs about Affordable Senior Living Homes

The most affordable senior living homes may be equipped with the same necessary living arrangements as pricier alternatives. The added cost with expensive senior homes is typically the result of luxury additions. However, there are some items to be aware of regarding affordable homes, including:

#1 Quality of Specialized Care

On the whole, the doctors and nurses present at most affordable homes will be comparable to those available at pricier, luxury homes. However, the access to specialists will be much greater at a more expensive home. You may need to go off-premises to see a specialist in this case.

#2 Visitation Hours

Typically, there are several levels of care facilities for seniors. Minimal care facilities may never lock down their doors entirely, and many patients may even come and go as they please. Maximum care facilities, though, will be required to maintain visitation hours and "lock down" hours. In a more affordable home, there is less likely to be night shift receptionists and aids to keep the doors open after hours.

#3 Access to Hospitals

One item that may be worth paying for with a pricier option is direct access to a high quality hospital. If your senior home cannot get you into an emergency treatment when you need it, question whether the option is right for you.