3 Kinds of Senior Living Apartments

Senior living apartments are a good choice if you are looking for senior housing options for yourself or for your loved ones. Below are three of the basic types of this type of housing designed for the elderly.

1. Independent Living Apartments

This housing setup is ideal for seniors who are independent, self sufficient and healthy. There are plenty of senior living apartments that provide seniors with the freedom to live by themselves. More often than not, homes and apartments for independent living are designed for easy maintenance by and for the utmost safety of its inhabitants. Furthermore, seniors living in this type of housing also have easy access to health services and other amenities used for social activities.

2. Assisted Senior Living Apartments

This option is for seniors who cannot live entirely on their own. Such a housing facility is designed for people who are suffering from mild medical conditions and those who need assistance while eating, bathing, grooming, dressing and other similar activities. For those who only require minimal assistance, any state-licensed senior housing that provides board and care is an excellent option.

3. Nursing Home Care

This type of housing option is for seniors who are suffering from severe medical conditions and requiring 24-hour medical care. Aside from the availability of equipment for the rehabilitation and care of disabled seniors, this type of housing also offers total personal care and grooming for seniors.