55 Living: 3 Ways to Make Easy Money

Life doesn't stop at age 55, and living in retirement costs money. With the way the economy is trending, you might have lost some of your retirement savings, or you're worried about it lasting you throughout your retirement age. Instead of worrying, be proactive and take advantage of easy money making opportunities:

1 - 55 Living: Freelance Writing

Put all of your knowledge and experience to work by writing about what you know. Freelance writing allows you to work from home, or anywhere for that matter. It's one of the most flexible ways to make easy money on online. You can write as much or as little as you like, about the topics you want, and in the format you choose. For example, you can write articles for upfront pay on health, travel, finance, business, home repairs and other topics that you have expertise in or could research and write. You might decide to ghostwrite books and white papers for clients if you enjoy the challenge of long term and lengthy projects. If you have a consulting plan, then consider becoming a business or marketing plan writer. If you worked extensively in sales, then consider earning money as a freelance copywriter. Write landing pages for websites, brochures and marketing materials that sell your client's products or services. You don't have to put in any face time with clients in general when you're a freelance writer, and you select and write assignments when you have time. It's truly one of the best opportunities to make easy money while living in retirement.

2 - 55 Living: Part-time Home Based Business

Find ways to adapt what you did working as an employee into a part-time home based business. You don't want to spend money on office space, or hire employees, so it may take some creativity on your part to find a way to transform what you already know how to do into your own business. If you didn't enjoy your former work, then this is a bad idea. Starting a part-time business requires emotional, mental and financial investment, and you'll burn out and fail at business if you dislike the industry or tasks related to it. However, you don't want to go down a completely new path either, which may require additional training or schooling. This is not the way to make easy money. Do what you know, and refresh your skills as needed, but don't try to start a new career.

3- 55 Living: Rent out a Spare Room

It might be time to consider renting a room or basement in your home  to a college or graduate student in need of a place to stay. You might have a spare room now that your children have moved out, which could be a source of easy income for you. Becoming a landlord and house roommate is not for everyone, and you'll want to carefully screen prospective renter. However, if you find the right person, you'll earn a monthly income and the only work on your part is to maintain the premises and call a handyman to make repairs as needed.

It's no longer wise to expect to not work. You need to find ways to make money during your retirement years. Try these 3 ways to make easy money as you enjoy 55 living.