How to Leave Property to Non-Relatives in a Will

Yes, you can leave property in your will to non-relatives. In fact, you can leave anything you own to anyone you want. You have this right. However, you should take the correct steps in doing this to make sure the designated people gets the property in your will as you wish.

Writing your Will

As you are having your will written, clearly state who is to get every asset you own. When it comes to your property, you can clearly state the name of the each person you wish to acquire each piece of property you own. This person or persons do not have to be relatives. They just have to be named in your will.


For your will to be considered legal and binding, you should have your will notarized. You should also have your will drawn up by an attorney.


When you die, the property in your will and the will itself will have to go through probate. After this is complete, your heirs will then have full access to the property, according to your wishes, after any and all estate taxes have been paid.

A properly prepared will is the only assurance you have that your assets will be divided in the way you wish.