How to Revoke Parts of Your Will

When you are evaluating your will, parts of it might need to be changed. Here are the basics of how to revoke certain parts of your will.


One way to revoke parts of your will and make the necessary changes is to completely rewrite your will. This is going to be the most involved process as you will have to re-create a new document.


If you want to revoke a certain page of your will, you can also write "void" over the entire page. This will not void out the entire document but it will only void that particular page.


A codicil is an item that you can use in order to revise your will. This is basically like an addendum that you can write to your will in order to change any aspect of it. If you do not like something about your existing well, you can write out a codicil instead of having to rewrite the entire document. This is going to save you time and make the process a lot easier. If you do use a codicil to change anything in your will, you will want to make sure that you keep the codicil with your original copy of the will so that they will be found together.