Senior Citizen Living: 5 Tips to Keeping Ordered Finances

It can be hard for a senior citizen living alone to deal with finances. However, if he or she follows some simple tips they can easily find that they can find order within their finances and live a more stress free life. Here are some examples of these types of tips:

  1. Fix a certain spot to keep all bills.  There should be a designated place to keep bills until they are paid and another to place paid bills along  with receipts.
  2. Write down when each bill is due onto an easy to read calendar as soon as the bill arrives.
  3. Ask a trusted relative to help you.  If you have trouble understanding any bills, changes to bank accounts, etc ask a relative or someone you trust to help.
  4. Designate a trusted relative to act on your behalf financially when you are not able. You can do this easily by adding a trusted relative onto your checking account or giving this person power of attorney over your finances that would only go into affect when you could not act on your own behalf.
  5. Keep track of where all of your credit cards are. Have a special place to keep all your credit cards and in a separate location, write down the number of each credit card along with the phone number of how you can reach customer service in case that credit card is ever lost or stolen.

If you follow these simple tips you will find that your days of senior citizen living alone can be more stress free.