Wills: Including an Explanatory Letter

When writing wills, many people choose to include an explanatory letter with the will. Here are the basics of the explanatory letter and why you might want to consider using one.

Explanatory Letter

An explanatory letter is not a required document when you are filling out your will. However, it can be beneficial because it allows you to explain why you made the decisions that you did when it came to determining who would get your property. Many people write out very detailed explanatory letters so that they can speak directly to their beneficiaries even though they are no longer able to do so in person. You can be as detailed or as concise as you want when writing out this letter.


The purpose of this letter is to avoid any conflict or problems when you are deceased. Many times, a simple will is not going to reflect the reasoning behind each one of your decisions. Without an explanation, your family members might feel slighted or disappointed. By using an explanatory letter, you can help smooth over these feelings and make sure that everyone understands exactly why you made the decisions that you did when dividing up your estate.