2 Printable Credit Tax Forms

Any credit tax form that is available from the IRS can be accessed on IRS.gov. Generally a tax credit does not require a specific form but is incorporated into the calculation of a taxpayer’s tax amount. There are of course exceptions to this.

Lifetime Learning Credit

One such exception is the Lifetime Learning Credit. This is available to taxpayer’s who owe taxes and are able to use the credit to offset the cost of education. The amount of credit available is indicated by the institution on the Form 1098-T. This form is sent by the institution to the taxpayer and indicates an amount up to the $2,000 maximum that can be claimed.

Child and Dependent Care Expense Credit

Form 2441 can be used for taxpayers that wish to claim the child and dependent care expense credit. This credit is for certain families with dependent children. It allows them to claim a credit against expenses incurred through the tax year. The form is downloadable by going to IRS.gov.