3 Signs of a Good Small Business Tax Accountant

A small business tax accountant is invaluable when it comes to saving you time, money and audits from the IRS. Crunching the numbers, finding the deductions and positioning your business to have a more reduced tax liability than you would filing your own taxes is what they do best. Like any other professional, it's important to pick good small business tax accountants, and knowing the signs to look for will help you do just that:

1 - Available to Assist Each Tax Year

It's frustrating starting a relationship with a small business tax accountant, only to have them tell you that they're not able to do your taxes the following year. Finding another one means starting from scratch, and learning to trust someone with your business finances all over again. A good small business tax accountant bends over backwards for existing clients, and hires additional help at their expense if they need to. They're never too swamped or too busy to file your taxes again. They're in it for the long haul, and are vested in the growth of your business. Ask accountants about how long they work with clients on average, and get as much information as you can about their repeat business.

2 - A Good Teacher

Tax laws are complicated for individuals and more so for small business owners. While you may not want to file your own taxes, you should understand the laws to the extent they impact your business. A sign of a good small business tax accountant is their willingness and ability to teach you as they work with you. If the accountant only cares about pushing out paperwork, you won't learn much. Don't depend on the accountant solely for your taxes. You are ultimately responsible for all the affairs of your business, including taxes. A small business tax accountant who is a good teacher plays a vital role in guiding you through those affairs, so that you understand the laws, tax filings and your responsibilities.

3 - Small Business Experience

Any tax accountant could handle your taxes, but a sign of a good small business tax accountant is one who works mainly with small business owners. You don't want someone who relies on "book knowledge" solely. They should understand what the IRS wants, but also understand the real world of business. An experienced small business tax accountant knows what questions to ask, and they can offer tax and financial tips to help you expand your business or survive during hard economic times. Accountants are not perfect, and they buy malpractice insurance in case they are negligent in helping you file taxes for your business. Reduce the risk of negligence by hiring someone who has experience working with small business owners.

Entrusting someone with personal and business finance information is a big step for most people. Finding a good small business tax accountant will help to alleviate your fears or unease about dealing with small business taxes.