CPA Tax Planning: 5 Items They Will Ask For

There are certain items you will need when you go with a CPA tax planning service. Using the services of a CPA is a great idea, especially if you are going to be making use of a lot of deductions. They can protect you from making mistakes, help you with any audits, and will, in most cases, reimburse you for any penalties.

Taking your taxes to CPA tax planning agencies will require certain items to be presented so the accountant can file the best return possible.

1. W2 Forms

Your CPA will need to have your last year's W2 forms for you and your spouse. These are given by your employer and contain your earnings and withholdings for the year.

2. Real Estate Taxes

If you paid any real estate taxes for the previous year, then the accountant will need the receipt of that.

3. Mortgage Statement

A mortgage statement will be necessary, especially if you operate a home business. You can deduct a certain amount of your home mortgage as an expense.

4. Copy of Last Year's Taxes

Your CPA tax planning service will also need a copy of your previous tax return.

5. Charitable Giving or Gifts

If you received any type of monetary gifts, or have given any, your CPA will need to have information regarding those. Also, any type of charitable donations will be needed. Most charities will be able to give you a receipt for any giving.