FEMA Hurricane Tax Relief Program Information

FEMA has put hurricane tax relief programs in place to help those who have suffered losses because of natural disasters. If you have been affected by a federal disaster there may be programs to help you with the aftermath.

When Tax Relief Is Available

FEMA will step in after any federal disaster is declared. The assistance available will depend on the disaster and what kind of losses was experienced. FEMA will also set up guidelines for people who can receive assistance. In addition to allowing immediate assistance, the government may step in to offer additional assistance in the way of tax credits.

Applying for Assistance

When you file your taxes, you will need to gather all documentation you have kept regarding any losses, rebuilding and reconstruction costs, un-reimbursed property damage, as well as any withdrawals you had to make from your 401K or IRA accounts to help cover your expenses during the aftermath.

The tax codes will change with each hurricane relief effort. You will want to check with your local IRS offices or contact FEMA for information on how to apply.