Find Federal Tax Lien Filings/Search County Listings

Conducting a federal tax lien search for yourself can be easy or complex depending on the nature of your inquiry.  A tax lien is filed when a person is in arrears on their taxes or in default of a judgment. Until the lien has been satisfied, it will remain on a person’s records and affect their credit and ability to find employment.

Typically, information on tax liens is public and once issued, is maintained by a state or county tax office.  The public information that is available includes the name of the party responsible for the lien the lien holder and the amount due. This information is also reported to credit reporting bureaus such as Experian and is only available to the person with whom the lien is against.

You can access the information on a Federal tax lien online by following these simple steps.  It may also be possible to go to the county assessors or state’s tax office directly but in the case where a lien is out of state, this method is probably better suited for your search needs.

Step 1: Find the Area where the Tax Lien Is Filed

You need to know the area that the lien is from in terms of State and/or county. For a Federal tax lien, knowing where a person lives will help you pinpoint where to conduct your search. You can type in tax lien office or filings for a given state or county and follow the information to be directed to the appropriate jurisdiction.

Step 2: Type in the Name or Lien Number

The person’s name or lien number is needed in order to conduct the search. This information helps narrow the search field to ensure that you are directed to the person you are looking for. Have as much information as possible in order to lower your search time and increase your chances for success.

Step 3: Verify Information and Print

Once you find the person that you are looking for, verify that the information matches. The sites maintained by most local governments are designed to provide general information about the individual whom the lien is against so you will not find social security information. You may however find date of birth and address information.  These pieces of data should be sufficient to match.

Print the information as a record of your results.


Searching for tax lien information can be a tedious process. You may in some instances have to pay for information so be prepared with a credit or debit card if you really need to information.