Payroll Withholding Tax Tables: Know Where You Stand

Your paycheck makes more sense when you know the payroll withholding tax tables. The tables are universal and are used by all employers to figure out how much to include in each pay check.

Tax Tables Are Already Determined

According to your W-4 form you will have a different set of criteria. However, the payroll withholding tax tables are set before hand by the IRS and are included in the Employer's Tax Guide. The more exemptions you take on your W-4 form, the less you will have withheld on your paycheck.

Social Security Benefits

Employers are to take out Social Security benefits from each paycheck. This is an easy number to calculate as it doesn't depend on anything but a steady rate of 6.2%. This is withheld each week until the employee reaches an earned wage of $106,800. Employers are then required to match this holding each week.

Medicare Withholdings

Another weekly withholding that is easy to calculate is the Medicare benefits. These are set at a rate of 1.45% and are also matched by the employer with each paycheck.


To know where you stand as far as the payroll withholding tax tables are concerned, add up your hours and multiply by your pay rate. Once you have this number then calculate using the tax tables and other benefits.