Small Business Tax Information Resources

Small business tax information is widely available on the Internet, and there are many books published on the subject. Unless you've bought a book right off the press, it's better to start with online resources that have the latest information. Small business tax laws change, and you don't want to rely on older information and miscalculate the amount you owe in taxes.

Internal Revenue Service

The best source for small business tax information is not the easiest to understand. However, since you're filing your taxes with the IRS, you should start with their instructions, publications and other information located on the website. Every form has instructions that give information on how to complete it. Some instructions are also informative about applicable laws. Publications are more resourceful if you want to learn small business tax information. You can find a list of publications for most topics that affect small businesses in the "Small Business Forms and Publications" section of the IRS's website. The IRS includes a link at the bottom of the publication page to rate the website, which you should do when you get a chance. It will only improve the way in which it presents the resources, and if you plan to stay in business for a while, you'll be using the website information more often than you might think at first.

State Department of Taxation

Research small business tax information for the state where you incorporated your business or the state to which you'll have to pay taxes on business income. Every state has a Department of Taxation, and you'll find information that's state-specific. You can also call and ask questions if you can't find the information you need, as long as they are general questions. Otherwise, they may insist that you ask a small business tax attorney for a specific answer to your questions. Enter "(name of the state) Department of Taxation" in a search engine, and you'll find the website.

U.S. Small Business Administration

There's a lot of small business tax information on the Small Business Administration website. Under the "Small Business Planner" tab, there's a section called "Pay Taxes." It contains information not just on federal taxes but also on state and local taxes. There's also information about employment taxes and self-employment taxes. Some of the links redirect you to the IRS website. However, other links keep you on the website and provide easier explanations to complex tax issues.

The U.S. Small Business Administration has another official website, The website's goal is to help small business owners understand their legal requirements, including requirements for paying taxes. There's a tax center that's updated each year to include recent changes to tax laws and links to download state tax forms. You can take a virtual tax workshop. It's loaded with small business tax information for you to read when it's convenient, in addition to or instead of a workshop.

All of these resources for small business tax information are official federal and state websites, which means they'll provide you the most accurate tax information online.